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Hi, I'm Cyprezz

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created 09/30/2019 2:08 pm by Cyprezz history
Hello Cube World adventurers!

I'm Cyprezz and you might know me from another Planet. I am the owner & lead developer of Planet Minecraft a community that launched back in 2010. In 2013, I bought Cube World Alpha along with countless other cube addicted gamers. The hype back then was absolutely insane and 6 years later, the hype is still at a level that most indie developers can only dream of achieving. As time goes on, I'm hoping to watch the game evolve with the community that plays it.

Cube World is a unique game and it's not for everyone. There's a certain level of charm in nearly every aspect of the cube loving game that is deceptively hard to replicate. In a world where many games just feel like the same old thing with maybe a theme or face lift, Cube World is different. Wollay and Pixxie are striving to create something that has no precedence and that alone, is fun to watch never mind play. I'm looking forward to seeing where this experiment may go in the future.

You'll notice a lot of similarities between Planet Cube World and Planet Minecraft because they are powered by the same underlying code base. This means updates that are not specific to one community will benefit both communities. Other elements that are unique to each game, such as models, maps and servers, will be custom tailored for each community.

While time goes on and the community ideally grows, we hope to identify aspects of the game to support. I'm a big fan of the weapon customization system in the game and we have a fun idea to support that creative feature here.

Thanks for reading.
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